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Let's talk Tax. Professional, expert Tax advice

Our tax professionals are committed to understanding your needs and providing you with tax solutions that meet your expectations. Our tax professionals are up-to-date with current tax changes to maximize your refund or minimize your payments.

Pre-Tax Organization

Give us your receipts, records, or scraps of paper and we will ensure all of your data is entered into your tax return to your benefit.

Post-Tax Organization

Every client can be provided with a free spreadsheet to track your expenses, along with information and advice to maximize your tax benefits in future years.

Pull Your T-Slips Directly From the CRA

Don't worry if you're missing some of your tax slips; we can pull all of your tax slips directly from the Canada Revenue Agency!


Every tax return is e-filed! This service is instantaneous, therefore increasing the speed in which you will receive your refund.

What's in it for me?

Filing Your Tax Return

Have questions about your taxes? Appletax has a selection of online videos, on topics for individuals and business owners. Check out these CRA tax information videos, all from the convenience of your home or office.

Understanding taxes
and benefits

Canada's tax system supports the quality of life that all Canadians and newcomers to Canada enjoy. The contributions you make through your taxes are essential in helping fund many things—from building roads and bridges to Canada's education and health care system.

Paying taxes is a fundamental part of being a responsible citizen, as well as an obligation. There's no doubt—taxes can be complex. This page will provide you with the resources you need to better understand Canada's tax system so that you know how to benefit from it.

Newcomers to Canada

If you have recently arrived in Canada, visit Newcomers to Canada for information on how to file your first tax return.

Life events

During your lifetime, there may be certain life events that can affect your taxes, such as moving or dealing with the death of a loved one.

Child and family benefits

When you file your tax return, you open the door to benefits and credits that may be available to you and your children.

Cash Refunds on the spot. Get your money NOW!

Get your tax refunds on the spot, while you wait. Why wait for the government to send your refund. Appletax will prepare and issue your refund cheque instantly. Government discounting rates will apply to all Fast Cash refunds.

What to bring:

  1. All T slips and Benefit Statements received during the year (originals only)
  2. Lease agreement and all rent receipts (originals only)
  3. Two pieces of identification, one with photo (e.g. drivers license, passport, permanent resident card)
  4. Children’s Birth Certificates if applicable