If your job both pays and costs you money, you could be in line for some tax relief. Although most taxpayers can’t write off work-related costs, if the expenses are required for your position, you may be in luck. Here’s what expenses you can deduct as an employee.

Eligible Expenses

The CRA lists out all of the expenses you’re allowed to claim as part of your job.  You will need to complete a T777 and T2200 as part of your tax return. A wide range of expenses are eligible including

  • Tools for tradespersons, mechanics, apprentices, and forestry workers.
  • Vehicle expenses if you’re required to travel for your employment.
  • Workspace-in-the-home expenses such as the cost of internet, computers, or office supplies.
  • Meals and lodging expenses for transportation industry workers such as long-haul truckers.

If you’re a commission-based employee, your list of possible employment expenses also includes

  • food and beverages for yourself if you are away from home,
  • entertainment expenses for clients,
  • car expenses, travel costs and overnight stays on business trips.

For CRA guideline 22900 Deduction for tools click here

for Line 22900 - Other employment expenses. Learn more on the Canada Revenue Agency’s Line 22900 - Other employment expenses webpage.